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Old September is a specialty coffee shop & cocktail bar, floral design studio, merchandiser and workshop host servicing the Gilbert Plains, Grandview and surrounding areas of the Parkland in Manitoba. It is the creative moniker of Kayla Luky, a rural Manitoban artist inspired by the Prairies. She grew up on a grain farm nestled between two mountain ranges, spending her childhood roaming down gravel roads, playing in rivers, wandering between trees and bushes, and looking up at the sky.

There are three key women who helped shape this project:
First, her mother who owned a flower shop while Kayla was a toddler – an extremely hard-working woman with boundless energy.
Second, her grandmother who owned a flower shop before her mother – a creative and crafty woman that cared more about a blossoming garden than a clean house.
Third, her “Aunty Foo Foo” who owned a flower shop before her grandmother – a fascinating artistic and magical force.

Kayla lives in the town of Grandview, Manitoba, along with her partner Ian and their with two young children and cat Stevie. Watching Forrest (4 years old) and Mavis (2 years old) grow, and with constant reminders that life is short, she felt now was the time more than ever to start this venture - to lead by example in living a creative, honest, and authentic life, while bringing others happiness.

Old September is a floral business inspired by nature to invoke nostalgia - bringing the balance of heartache and heart-warmth that is the magic of life.

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