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Old September is a specialty coffee shop & cocktail bar, floral design studio, merchandiser and workshop venue servicing the Gilbert Plains, Grandview and surrounding areas of the Parkland in Manitoba. Only opening 6 months prior to the hit of the covid-19 pandemic, Old September continues to adapt and thrive while cementing itself as a go-to feel-good location for locals and visitors alike. 

Owner Kayla Luky grew up on a grain farm nestled between two mountain ranges, spending her childhood roaming down gravel roads, playing in rivers, wandering between trees and bushes, and looking up at the sky where she is now raising her own family Forrest (6 years old) Mavis (4 years old) and Etta (1 year old) with her partner Ian. Having children is a constant reminder that life is short and to lead by example – live a creative, honest, and authentic life, while bringing others happiness. 

Old September shares its space with Rumination Textile Studio, a textile and fibre art studio that features handmade, one-of-kind products.

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  • 204-647-5859

  • shopoldseptember@gmail.com

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