Are those real?

Yes, our bouquets and arrangements are made out of real flowers and greenery.

Do you offer silk/artificial flower services?

Yes, we offer that too!

Why should I buy from you when I can get something cheaper from a grocery store?

I get it. Flowers aren't a necessity. And yes, you can get them cheaper from a grocery store/big box retailer. If you buy them from Old September, you are supporting a local business. You are supporting me by allowing me to provide for my family. You will be sure to get something that is made with love and with passion for doing what I do.

Where do you operate from?

We are located at 11 Main Street, Gilbert Plains, Manitoba.

What are your hours?

Please visit "Contact" in the column to your left.

Do you deliver?

Yes, please visit "Delivery" in the column to your left.

Do you do floral work for weddings or funerals?

Yes, please contact us to make arrangements.

Where did the name come from?

The name "Old September" came from a song by Pharis & Jason Romero, and a quote by Wallace Stegner. Please visit "About" in the column to your left for more information.

Have any other questions? Clarifications? Curiosities? Feel free to reach out!

Email Kayla at info@oldseptember.com or give her a call at 204 647 5859
or connect on Facebook @oldseptember or Instagram @old_september_